Conference on Soil Zoology

(Nara, 20-28.08.16)

After a long trip on 21th August our group arrived to Nara (Japan), where two conference was hold almost parallelly: XVII International Colloquium on Soil Zoology and XIV International Colloquium on Apterygota. It was one of the most exciting conference for us, because we could meet researchers from our narrow field of research. Besides attending lectures, we also took part in the conference. The lecture of Miklós Dombos

Dombos, M., Flórián, N., Groó, Z., Dudás, P., Oláh-Hambek, B., Kosztolányi, A.: EDAPHOLOG monitoring system: automatic, real-time detection of soil microarthropods   Link to presentation

got the attraction of the audience.

After that, many interested researchers arrived to both our posters as well. These were presented by Zita Groó and Norbert Flórián:

Groó, Z., Flórián, N., Bánszegi, O., Dombos, M.: Automatic measuring of body size on Mesofauna   Link to presentation

Flórián, N., Dányi, L., Kröel-Dulay, Gy., Ónodi, G., Dombos, M.: Repeated drought effects on the soil microarthropod communities of a sand steppe   Link to presentation