Conference in Nyíregyháza


The conference entitled „Magyar Ökológus Kongresszus” is a Hungarian-speaking conference on ecology, which is organised in every third year in Hungary. This year it was held in Nyíregyháza from 28 to 30 August. From our research group Miklós Dombos, Norbert Flórián, Veronika Gergócs, Boglárka Haszon and Judit Schellenberger took part in the event. Here, Miklós Dombos gave a lecture in which he was focusing on our probes, developed in the frame of the INSECTLIFE project, for detecting and trapping pest and beneficial insects:

Dombos, M., Flórián, N., Gergócs, V., Schellenberger, J., Haszon, B., Nagy, A.: Ízeltlábúak automatikus detektálási problémai és megoldásai terepi vizsgálatokban


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