About us

Our fields of interest cover a range of soil ecological topics, especially focusing on questions related to the dynamics of soil microarthropod communities. In the past seven years we have developed and prototyped a novel sensor system which automatically detects microarthropods in the field (Edapholog), and now we are upgrading it to detect surface-living and flying insects, as well (ZooLog). We expect that these probes will help to discover not only rapid responses of insects to environmental changes or finer reading of activity patterns using for example, sex pheromones in the probe (CsaloLog), but also give us a possibility to model populations in time with a higher accuracy than before. The background of these researches has been provided by two LIFE+ Environment projects (MEDAPHON, INSECTLIFE).

The other aim of our group is to explore soil food webs by applying metabarcoding technique and to follow temporal changes of these soil food web architectures by our real-time detectors. This work is financed by TALAJBIOM project.

At the moment there is only one permanent researcher in the group (Dr. Miklós Dombos, principal investigator), all the other members are employed by different projects. We put great emphasis on creating close collaborations in other fields, working together with electrical engineers, mechanical designers or computer experts.