Institute for Soil Sciences and Agricultural Chemistry, Centre for Agricultural Research, Hungarian Academy of Sciences – MTA ATK TAKI is the scientific centre in Hungary for soil science, agrochemistry and soil biology . The Institute is responsible primarily for fundamental research in these fields with significant applied research, education, advisory and information activities, and extensive national and international cooperation. MTA ATK TAKI is the coordination centre of numerous national and international programmes. The institute was established in 1949.     Link to webpage



Deák Delta Ltd. is a private company, established in 1997 and led by Mr. Tibor HAMBEK. They deal with electrical and mechanical engineering. We work together on the prototyping of our new devices. They were the sole partner in MEDAPHON LIFE+ project and designed and produced the whole Edapholog Monitoring System. Now, we work on the design of ZooLog Monitoring System in the frame of INSECTLIFE project.     Link to webpage



HELION LTD.                                                                 

Helion Ltd. since 1994 has been in the service of environment protection having experience of more than 15 years in the development of client/server databases and applications, software in Windows environment. Helion Ltd. led by ÁDÁM HAVAS works on the data communication system of the ZooLog Monitoring System, designs and programmes the central database, Java applications etc.     Link to webpage




In the frame of INSECTLIFE project we design and install sensors to the CSALOMON ® pheromone trap group, which is produced and distributed by the Applied Chemical Ecology Department. Besides selling the traps, the department conducts an intensive research about sensoring other new pest species, develops new traps and baits. The Department of Applied Chemical Ecology is led by Prof. Miklós TÓTH.     Link to webpage



UNIVZAGREB (University of Zagreb, Faculty of Agriculture)

Faculty of Agriculture is, from its establishment until today, dedicated to its fundamental mission: enabling students’ achievement of the highest academic standards and transferring competences based on the newest scientific knowledge. All in order to make students competent to become promoters of development of modern sustainable agriculture according to the needs of Croatian society and targeted national development. To fulfill its own mission, the Faculty strives to improve the quality of scientific-research work and education, and inclusion into the European higher education area. Respectively, the Faculty is directly contributing to economical, rural and sustainable development, as well as the overall regional development.     Link to webpage