ZooLog online

ZooLog is our second generation monitoring system aiming real-time monitoring of flying, surface and soil living beneficial or pest insects in the field. The main purpose of the system is the evaluation and interpretation of the data collected by the probes and to make various analysis based on them.

The Zoolog system has a web based control and data display software, which supports the entire monitoring procedure.

The public interface of the ZooLog system provides reviews of the system in 3 languages (Hungarian, English, Croatian).


How to use our ZooLog interface?

The starting page of ZooLog’s public face shows the log-in panel. After logging in you can reach the control panel of the ZooLog system.

Under ’Administration’ you can register your probe which makes you the data host of the probe. After that the sensor will appear on the list called ’My Probes’, each line containing one sensor. Clicking on a line, the sensor’s hardver data and its latest sensory figures become available and also you can modify settings of the sensor’s communication configurations here. As a data host you can assign roles to the probe for other users.

You can create a farm by clicking on ’New Farm’ in the top left-hand corner. A map will appear in the centre. In the map area there are two control panels: ’New Plot’ and ‘New Trap’. You can create a new plot in the map by drawing a polygon. After that the map will show the plots in the farm and the active traps placed on them. Above the map an interactive diagram can be found with the measured data of the traps. From the trap panel you can place a new trap by dragging and after placement you will have to give the type of trap, the feromon and the starting time of the measurement series. By clicking on a plot or a trap you can design the main data of the item but there is a possibility to access a more detailed view that is available from the menu as well. To delete or edit the data of a chosen farm, you just have to click on the cog-wheel next to its name.

To see a farm in more detail, you have to click on ’Activities’. The table on page ’Activities’ and then ‘Plant Protection’ contains the plant protection diary of the plots of the selected farm; the table can be filtered and arranged.

Under ‘Reports’ you can access built-in queries – ‘Daily summary’, ‘Detailed detection data’, ‘Detection accuracy’ – based on current or past measuring series whose results can be filtered and arranged, exported in Excel and XML or can be turned into interactive diagrams.


Link to Zoolog online webpage