MEDAPHON pilot study

Temporal dynamics of mesofauna composition (abundance and body size distributions) has been studied in 50 sites, across different habitat and soil  types: grasslands (dry grassland, mesic grassland, Pannonic-Continental salt steppe), broadleaved deciduous woodlands (Fagus woodland, Thermophilous deciduous woodland, Acidophilus-Quercus woodland) and arable lands; soil types: Brown forest soils with clay illuviation, Chernozem soils, Humous sandy soils, Meadow soils, Peaty meadow soils, Solonchak-solonetzes.

On each site four EDAPHOLOG-probes were installed and connected to the GSM/GPRS logger device by radio signals. Each EDAPHOLOG-probe was installed around the logger within 50 meters, which guarantees the safe connection between the logger and the EDAPHOLOG-probe.